Dad's Tale: Quotes by Other People

This page includes quotes about the play Dad's Tale by people other than Alan Ayckbourn, predominantly drawn from books and articles about Alan Ayckbourn or British theatre; it does not include quotes from reviews, which can be found in the Reviews pages.

"Although the show [Dad's Tale] never got an audience, it does have a blend of free-flowing imagination and robust comedy. It is the kind of play only someone deeply join love with theatre could have written."
(Michael Billington: Alan Ayckbourn, 1990, Palgrave)

"[Dad's Tale is] a simple enough tale. But what is interesting is how, even at this early stage, Ayckbourn experiments with different ways of telling it. Long before David Halliwell began to explore the possibilities of multi-viewpoint drama, Ayckbourn shows us a single incident from several points of view.... It may not be great drama; but it does show Ayckbourn's ability to endow a Christmas Carol-like tale of poverty-to-plentitude with a sparky freshness."
(Michael Billington: Alan Ayckbourn, 1990, Palgrave)

"[Dad's Tale] involved several sections of dance drama and the same action described from several different perspectives. It was perhaps over-ambitious."
(Michael Holt: Alan Ayckbourn, 1999, Northcote House)

All research for this page by Simon Murgatroyd.