Dad's Tale: Synopsis

Cast: 4 male / 2 female
Availability: Dad's Tale is not available for production.


Martin (The Narrator)
Dad (Martin's father)
Auntie (Dad's sister-in-law)
Jenny (Martin's girlfriend)

Other roles: The Tinies; Clerk; Removal men; Sid Filch; Grocer; Mr Breakwater; Roger Freddinton-Bishop
Dad's Tale has a simple plot, largely by virtue of having to incorporate dance scenes. When the family imagine themselves in happier circumstances, there is a dance sequence for each member of the family illustrating their dreams.

It is Christmas and a cockney family are gathered for Christmas dinner: unemployed Dad, his son Martin, Martin’s girlfriend Jenny and his Auntie.

However, the bailiffs take all the family’s worldly possessions including their turkey dinner. Faced with the prospect of beef dripping and struggling to cope with their poor Christmas, the family imagine themselves in happier situations: Auntie goes shopping; Jenny ice-skates; Martin joins the circus; Dad dreams of being a burglar.

After the theft of the neighbour’s dinner by Dad, the play concludes with Dad rubbishing Auntie’s claims that items have been disappearing due to the fairy-like Tinies. At which point, the creatures appear and turn Dad into a budgie who flies away into the night.

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